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Term Insurance Plan Service

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Service Provided BySea Ridges Financial Services And IMF LLP
TypePlan of Term Insurance
Service Duration1 Year
Service ModeOnsite
Service TypeTerm Insurance Plan

Term Insurance Plan Service are a type of life insurance that provides coverage for a specific period, typically ranging from many years, in exchange for regular premium payments. These plans offer a death benefit to the beneficiaries, if the insured individual passes away during the term of the policy.


Online Term Insurance Plan Service enable individuals to research, compare, purchase, and manage term insurance policies through digital platforms.

ULIP Insurance Services

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Service Duration1 Year
Service TypeULIP Insurance
Service Provided BySea Ridges Financial Services And IMF LLP
TypeInsurance of ULIP
Service ModeOnsite

ULIP Insurance Services stands for Unit Linked Insurance Plan. It's a type of life insurance product that combines insurance coverage with investment opportunities. With a ULIP, a portion of the premium goes towards providing life insurance coverage, while the remaining portion is invested in various investment funds such as equity, debt, or a combination of both, based on the policyholder's preferences and risk appetite. ULIPs offer the potential for higher returns compared to traditional life insurance policies, as they allow policy holders to participate in the financial markets. ULIPs also offer flexibility, allowing policy holders to switch between different investment funds based on market conditions or their changing financial goals.

Child Plans Insurance Service

₹ 500/Month Get Latest Price

Service Provided BySea Ridges Financial Services And IMF LLP
Service ModeOnsite
Service Duration1 Year
Service TypeChild Plans Insurance
TypeInsurance of Child

As human beings, there are hardly any stronger aspirations than providing the best of everything for your Child Plans Insurance Service. But for every dream to be realised, we have to cross the bridge of multiple realities. As a parent, the most obvious of the dream would be to plan for your children in such a way that all their future requirements are properly taken care of and there is no running around at the time when the actual requirement arises.

The purpose of Children’s Future Planning is to create a corpus for foreseeable expenditures such as those on higher education and wedding, and to provide for an adequate security cover during their growing years.

Higher Education and Marriage

  • Two needs which need maximum attention and planning from parents (especially modern day parents) are higher education and marriage. Within no time, parents realise that their tiny tots have grown up and it’s time for them to decide future course of their life in terms of profession they want to take. Funding for your children’s education and wedding is one of the most valuable gifts you can give them and it is possible for you to do it in the most uncompromising way. Look at the figures below to get an idea of what could be the expenses like when you start to plan.
  • Currently the average cost of professional courses like Bachelor’s in Engineering in India in a Govt-funded college is around Rs 50,000 per year (this figure may differ from college to college and from one state to another). Add to that other expenses like tuition fees and miscellaneous expenses and the cost per year could very easily be around Rs 100,000. It could be upto Rs 2.5 Lakhs a year if the child stays away in another city for this education. 10 years down the line, this figure might well be Rs 5.5 lakhs per year due to inflation (considered at a reasonable 8% per year) and it could be about Rs 8.0 Lakhs per year 15 years later. If the college is private-funded, multiply the figure by 3-4 times, and if you are more ambitious and are looking at any of the world’s top universities, further multiply the figure by 2-3 times more!! And this is the cost of one year of education out of the 4-5 years’ total education.
  • The other event that assumes equal, if not more, importance is the wedding of your children. A back of the envelope calculation reveals that monetary requirement for wedding will certainly not be less than what you may need for higher education. In fact, a normal, dowry-less marriage for a daughter today would cost Rs 20 Lakhs while for the son too, it would be Rs 6 Lakhs. 10 years down the line, these figures become 43 lakhs and 13 lakhs respectively.

Company Group Insurance Services

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Service Duration1 Year
Service ModeOnsite
TypeInsurance of Company
Service TypeCompany Group Insurance
Service Provided BySea Ridges Financial Services And IMF LLP

Company Group Insurance Services typically refer to insurance products offered by an employer to its employees as part of a group plan. These plans are often more cost-effective for employees than individual insurance policies because the risk is spread across a larger group, and the employer may subsidize part of the premium cost.

Group insurance services commonly include health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and sometimes even additional benefits like wellness programs or flexible spending accounts.

For employers, offering group insurance services can be advantageous as it helps attract and retain employees while providing them with financial protection and peace of mind. It also demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of the workforce.

Corporate Insurance Services

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  • Business Insurance is the coverage that protects businesses from losses due to events that may occur during the normal course of action.
  • They include insurance covering property damage, legal liability and employee-related risks.


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