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Pioneers in the industry, we offer asset management service, wealth management services and insurance and risk management service from India.

Asset Management Service

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Service ModeOnsite
Service Duration1 Year
Service Provided BySea Ridges Financial Services And IMF LLP
Service TypeAsset Management
TypeManagement of Asset

Asset Management Service, comprehensively characterized, alludes to any framework that screens and keeps up things of significant worth to a substance or gathering. It might apply to both unmistakable assets, (for example, structures) and to immaterial assets, (for example, human capital, protected innovation, generosity or potentially monetary assets). Asset management is an orderly procedure of creating, working, looking after, updating, and discarding assets cost-adequately. The term is most ordinarily utilized as a part of the financial area to portray individuals and organizations who oversee ventures for others. Those incorporate, for instance, speculation supervisors that deal with the benefits of an annuity finance.

Elective perspectives of asset management in the building condition are: the act of overseeing assets to accomplish the best return (especially valuable for beneficial assets, for example, plant and hardware), and the way toward observing and keeping up offices frameworks, with the target of giving the most ideal administration to clients in all measurements (fitting for open foundation assets).

1 Financial asset management

  • The most widely recognized use of the expression “asset supervisor” alludes to investment management, the segment of the financial administrations industry that oversees investment supports and isolated customer accounts. Asset management is a piece of a financial organization which utilizes specialists who oversee cash and handle the investments of customers. From concentrate the customer’s assets to arranging and taking care of the investments, everything is taken care of by the asset directors and suggestions are given in light of the financial health of every customer.
2 Infrastructure asset management
  • Infrastructure asset management is the mix of management, money related, monetary, building, and different practices connected to physical assets with the goal of giving the required level of administration in the most financially savvy way. It incorporates the management of the whole lifecycle—including outline, development, charging, working, keeping up, repairing, adjusting, supplanting and decommissioning/transfer—of physical and infrastructure assets. [1] Task and upkeep of assets in a compelled spending condition require a prioritization plot. As a method for representation, the ongoing improvement of sustainable power source has seen the ascent of compelling asset chiefs engaged with the management of heavenly bodies (sun based stop, housetops and windmills). These groups regularly team up with money related asset chiefs keeping in mind the end goal to offer turnkey answers for speculators. Infrastructure asset management turned out to be essential in the vast majority of the created nations in the 21st century, since their infrastructure arrange was relatively finished in the twentieth century and they need to figure out how to work and keep up them cost-effectively.

3 Enterprise asset management
  • Enterprise asset management is the matter of handling and empowering data frameworks that help management of an association’s assets, both physical assets, called “unmistakable”, and non-physical, “immaterial” assets[citation needed]. The Universal Association for Institutionalization distributed its management framework standard for asset management in 2014.[3]. The ISO 55000 arrangement gives phrasing, necessities and direction for actualizing, keeping up and enhancing a compelling asset management framework.

Wealth Management Services

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Service Duration1 Year
Service Provided BySea Ridges Financial Services And IMF LLP
Service TypeWealth Management
Service ModeOnsite
TypeManagement of Wealth

SRFS creates simple and executable investment solutions to meet your financial goals.

The goal of Wealth Management Services is to sustain and grow long-term wealth. It is very difficult to find money when you have an urgent need of it to meet your financial goals. Mere investing money is not financial planning but channelising your financial resources with most optimum level is more important to meet your financial goals.

The role of a qualified Financial Planner is to look at all aspects of your lifestyle, goals and requirements and develop a financial strategy suitable for you. The recommended strategy should help you reach your goals effectively and efficiently.

SRFS understands your appetite to risk and suggest you diverse products according to it. We helps you in your financial management like – cash flow management, insurance, estate planning, risk and return assessment, strategic asset allocation, taxation and all other issues that impact your financial strategy.

Wealth management is a premium investment advisory service that combines various financial products and financial services to address your needs. This process includes our top financial advisors gather all the relevant investment information about you and tailor making a bespoke financial strategy in accordance to your Financial Goals.

Our wealth management advisors comprise of high-level professional who utilizes the spectrum of financial disciplines available, such as financial and investment advice, legal or estate planning, accounting and tax services, and retirement planning, to manage your wealth.

In certain instances our wealth management advisors have to coordinate input from outside financial experts as well who act as your own agents (attorneys, accountants etc.) to craft out the optimal strategy that leads to your financial success. Our wealth managers also assist you with banking services and even advise you on philanthropic activities.

Insurance And Risk Management Service

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Service Duration1 Year
Service Provided BySea Ridges Financial Services And IMF LLP
Service TypeInsurance And Risk Management
Service ModeOnsite
TypeManagement of Insurance And Risk

The Insurance And Risk Management Service is informed by the four key areas in which risk is manifest, namely the risk of loss or damage to Property, Injury, Loss or Death to People, Illness, and Living too Long.

Insurance and Risk Management teaches the theory of managing risk, short-term insurance, life insurance, retirement funding and medical insurance. The practice of identifying and analyzing loss exposures and taking steps to minimize the financial impact of the risks they impose. Traditional risk management, sometimes called “insurance risk management,” has focused on “pure risks”.

From a financial stand point, the steps in managing these risks are straight forward:

  • Identify the risk – in common words, what do you fear?
  • Determine how much of this risk you can bear
  • Insure the remainder of the risk management


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